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Integrating trauma in our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual bodies and transforming lives all over the world.

You can call me obsessed with creating life, which is a true expression of our most authentic selves.
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The Completion Process

The Process of Putting Yourself Back Together Again


We all wish that our world were a platform for harmony and for pleasure. The reality, however, is that while there is harmony and pleasure here on earth, there is also conflict and suffering. All of the difficult circumstances that we struggle with have one thing in common: Trauma. Trauma is distress without resolution. For anyone, who has been fractured by trauma – and according to Teal Swan, in one way or another we all have – the completion process is a way to put ourselves back together again, to be no longer inhibited by the past or terrified of the future.


The Completion Process is a comprehensive approach to healing core trauma that recur as emotional triggers that prevent us from living empowered lives free of fear. This revolutionary 18-step-process walks you through an emotional trigger following the emotion to the earliest memory, then resolving the child’s needs though both the mental visualization of resolution and providing awareness through the adult perspective of the event that occurred. It includes key aspects of inner child and shadow work and allows you to see the root of your current pain and to resolve it. So it enables the healing of any past hurt or present problem.


Gain The Sense Of Your Value In The World
And The Assurance That Life Can Be Good Again


„Teal does it again! Her extraordinary process will save you years of psychological and emotional struggle. She teaches you to go into your pain fearlessly instead of running from it, and to find the causes and solutions to everything that keeps you from a fulfilling life. She will help you recover your soul and write a new story of your life!“

– Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. 


„Teal Swan brilliantly provides us with the necessary information about how we become branded by highly charged emotional events and then, for personal experience, she offers us a true healing process by giving us the practical tools to apply to our lives. This will free you from your past.“

– Dr. Joe Dispenza


Parts Work

The Process of Releasing Resistance And Finding True Inner Peace

When we introduce ourselves to someone, we call ourselves by one name.  We see ourselves and our consciousness as a singularity. The problem is that consciousness is not unified, it is split.  It is fragmented. The best way to picture this is to imagine that inside your body, you have a collection of Siamese twins.  They are technically all conjoined because they all share one body. But each one has its own identity, its own desires, needs, perspective, strengths, weaknesses and appearance.

Again, the mistake we have made within society is to think that only some people suffer from what psychologists call multiple personality disorder.  The reality is that all people do. But how many people behave completely differently in one scenario than they do in another? How many people have multiple “sides”? How many people can’t make a decision because they feel torn?  These are all indications that we have multiple selves operating within us at any given time. Our degree of internal suffering is about the degree of harmony or lack there of between these internal selves.

Most people think inner peace means you have found some external thing or type of practice that has caused you to finally feel calm and whole and fulfilled.  Actually inner peace simply means that these inner twins (all the different parts of you that add up to this amalgamation that you call by your name) are all coexisting harmoniously instead of at war with each other.  It is the absence of internal opposition between parts. Most of your ‘parts’, you are totally unconscious of. So parts work is technically a shadow work process. 


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The Process of Putting Yourself Back Together Again